As Small As Eyes is a long-term research project by Mariette Moor, Krystle Patel & Orsola Zane in which they use the octopus as method and machine to develop both their collaborative and individual practices. The physical properties of cephalopods such as their elasticity, camouflage and complex neural functioning unsettle neat categorisations that we take for granted. 

By researching and attempting to inhabit (not depict) the way they think, feel and communicate, the trio reflect on their particular interests around consciousness, surface and touch, while reconsidering the way in which a collaborative artistic practice can function. Central to this is a negotiation of the anthropomorphic tendencies that are unavoidable when researching non-human entities. 


Sermon, 2023-24. 10:00min digitalised 8mm Supereight, digital film, audio.

Altar, 2023-24. Conveyor belts, phase inverters, LED lights, ceramic.

Shrine, 2023-24. Porcelain, steel.

Left: Scripture, 2023. 04:30min audio. Right: Reliquary, 2024. Plywood, looped stop-motion animation.

2024: As Small As Eyes, Bloc Project, Sheffield

For their debut exhibition, the artists have focused on the octopus beak and radula, which function as a mouth and tongue. This portion of the organism uses rotating and regenerating serrations to crush food and prey, playing no part taste, touch and communication that are instead handled by their complex kaleidoscopic surface and form. Drawn together in a tentacular manner, the film, sound and sculpture share a collective experience close to worship that asks you to be more octopus.

Codex, 2023. Digital print on dibond (limited edition).

2022: Research Residency, Unsigned Cowboys Grudging, Penare House, Cornwall

In October 2022, we went on a group residency to Cowboys Unsigned Grudging to initiate our project, spending ten days gathering material and researching the octopus’ physical properties and neural functioning as well as its connection to magic, liquidity, metaphorphosis and the haptic. During this period, we created the limited edition print, Codex, which is currently on sale with all funds going to the next stage of this project.